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Flash Homes is an App which is free to download, and was built with the PG or Hostel owners in mind. With this app, owners can maintain a log of all activities ranging from user entry to payment history to keeping a tab of number of beds available in a room on the go. Owners can access documents of guests from anywhere. Flash Homes gives you the things you need most to run and manage your location, all in one place.

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Flash Homes has got you covered

Our Solutions are cloud-based, which means you can access and update your rental or payment history from anywhere.

Flash Homes lets you integrate and store your user’s documents. No More Files - No More Spreadsheets - No More Paper Work. Our updates are continually rolled out for no additional cost!

With the help of Flash Homes, you can record transactions, generate Invoices / SMS and track payment history at the click of a button.

Flash Homes is a total Rent Solution System which results in data only needing to be entered once. With Flash Homes your end to end process is a breeze, easy to use & cost effective.

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